Friday, March 21, 2014

Competition to win a signed copy of Fallen Angel and More!


Prizes: Signed Paperback Copy of Fallen Angel by Patricia Puddle

Signed Copy of Ominous Love by Patricia Puddle

CD of 'You're Beautiful' signed by Nathaniel Willemse.

I purchased the signed CD of 'You're Beautiful' from Sanity Music to give as a prize because I love Nathaniel's songs and they inspire my writing. This song is loved by the characters in Fallen Angel and also one of the angels is called Nathaniel.

Win a Cross Necklace with Wings from Etsy

Also other paperbacks and eBooks to be won.

To be entered into the draw for the prizes you have to show a print screen (or other  proof) of you purchase of Ominous Love (from Amazon cost: $0.99 depending on which country you buy it), and also The Free Download of Fallen Angel.(From Amazon) Here are the links to both books:

Fallen Angel (Free on Amazon) Here.

Ominous Love on Amazon: Here.

Once you've posted proof of you downloaded books,  you will go into the draw to win the prizes, or enter in the games. To join in the fun go to my FaceBook event. Here is the link: Here.

Good luck! Hope to see you there: Saturday 22rd March 2014. Main Prizes Drawn on Sunday 23th March 2014

Here is a link to Sanity Music if anyone would like to purchase their own copy of Nathaniel's music: Here

Here is a link to all my books on Amazon: Here

Here is a link if anyone want to buy a Cross Necklaces: Here

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