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Fallen Angel is Now free on Amazon

Fallen Angel (Prequel to Nathaniel Teen Angel - Book One)

Fallen Angel (eBook) is now FREE on Amazon, and many other eBook websites. It's also available to purchase as a paperback. Today I'm posting an excerpt. I hope you enjoy it. If you download the free eBook, don't forget to lookout for the other books in the series. Book One: Nathaniel Teen Angel and Ominous Love (Book Two) are already available on Amazon and other online websites. Book Three: Ominous Angel is coming soon.

Here is the excerpt from Fallen Angel (Prequel) to Ominous Love.

Eloise gazed up and gasped, "Wow! That's so beautiful. What is it?"

Nathaniel flew to a nearby cloud and set her gently down. "It's actually a shooting star, but you're seeing it up close."

With his arm around her shoulder, they watched as shiny pieces of stardust fell through the sky like raindrops from Heaven. Laughing, Eloise reached out to touch them, but they were too far away. She smiled up at him, her eyes luminous. "I don't know who you are, but I must be having a beautiful dream. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life."

He knew he should take her back to the hospital, but first he wanted to give her something to protect her from Lucifer. She'd obviously lost her crucifix. Picking her up with one arm, he raised the other above his head and rocketed upwards. As she gripped onto his shoulders, he grabbed one of the stardust particles, then swooped down, plummeting below the mist and heading back to Earth.

"I'm a bird," she said, waving her right arm up and down.

Nathaniel smiled. She looked more like an angel than a bird, especially the way her hair was blowing in waves around her face. As they descended beneath the clouds, the vast oceans and city lights came into view.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Eloise screeched in his ear. "Holy crap! Now I can see how high up we are, I'm really scared. Oh please, don't let me fall."

As she trembled in his arms, Nathaniel pulled her tighter to his chest. "Hey," he said. "I'm an angel. Don't you trust me?"

"This is all so surreal, I don't know what to believe," she said, peeking over her arm, then as they glided towards the beach, she squealed with delight. "Oh, my God, there's Creed Valley. You're taking me home."

Before he had a chance to answer her, she gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. Stunned at her actions, he blinked as a surge of electricity shot from his lips to his toes, making his head spin.

"Watch out!" she screamed. "We're going to drown. What are you doing?"

Snapping back to reality, he was shocked to see they were plummeting at full speed towards the Tasman Sea. Mortified at losing focus again, he propelled himself upwards, only seconds before their feet hit the water. Jesus Christ! What was she doing to him? At this rate, God would burn his wings off before he ever got to Devlin's. Shaking his head, Nathaniel glanced sideways at Eloise, but she was too busy staring down at the swirling ocean to notice his reprimand.

As they reached the lookout, he fluttered gently down and landed on the cliff top. "There you go. Now you're safe," he said, putting her down and furling his wings behind his back. "You're lucky we didn't fall into the sea after what you did to me."

Her brows bunched into a frown. "What do you mean? You're the one that was navigating, not me. I'm not an angel."

He smirked. "Aren't you?" He was tempted to tell her she was the descendant of one after what she'd done to him, but he couldn't do that.

She squinted at him. "Look, why have you brought me here? You're obviously not human and I was supposed to be in the hospital. I feel like I'm wide awake, so I can't be dreaming. Please, you have to tell me the truth. I'm dead, aren't I?"

Looking into her beautiful green eyes, he brushed a stray curl from her forehead. "It's all right, Eloise. You're not dead. You're just having a dream and I'm a figment of your imagination." He hated lying to her, but if he told her the truth, he'd put her life in danger, and he didn't want to scare her.

Folding her arms, she looked him up and down. "I so did not imagine you." Then she bit her lip. "Though you are the sort of boy I dream about."

He jerked as a strange sensation shot through his soul. "Oh? And what sort is that?"

She chuckled into her hand. "Drop-dead gorgeous and sexy."

Now I can't leave without adding the music I listened to while writing this story, can I? Here are the singers and songs that inspired Fallen Angel. If you want to see the singers, click on the name. If you want to hear their songs, click on the iTunes link below.

Nathaniel Willemse's: 'You' and 'You're beautiful'. On iTunes

Birdy's beautiful song, 'Wings' from her 'Fire Within' album. On iTunes

One Direction's songs, 'Moments', 'Stole My Heart', 'More Than This', and 'Save You Tonight." On iTunes

But the best inspiration came from the teenage boy I met on Bondi Beach and married eighteen months later, my husband and best friend.

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